Mission & Vision

The Queens School | Jamaica


To ensure that every child who is admitted into The Queen’s School leaves adequately prepared and qualified to make a meaningful contribution to society.


 The Queen’s School is a traditional high school in pursuit of excellence through intellectual, spiritual, moral, social and physical development. It provides an appropriate educational programme that helps students accomplish educational goals and life-skills that are significant and transferable.


Reverence for God


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The School is committed to inculcating habits of good reasoning, critical thinking, research and continuous assessment, to enhance a lifelong commitment to education and the total development of the child.

Individual differences, special characteristics and talents in both students and staff are recognized, accepted and encouraged in order to develop positive attitudes, values and social responsibilities, thus realizing self-actualization while simultaneously maintaining academic standards that are comparable to those accepted nationally and internationally.



General Aims

  1. To develop as much as possible, within the constraints of the school, the potential of each pupil, regardless of social status or ability, and to stimulate learning as a lifelong process.
  2. To accept responsibility for identifying and (as far as possible) satisfying the physical, intellectual, spiritual and social needs of each individual member of the school community.
  3. To develop among staff and pupils, the spirit of tolerance, understanding, fair play, consideration for others, co-operation, a sense of responsibility and loyalty to the school community.


Specific Aims

  1. To secure the active co-operation of staff and all others concerned for the students’ welfare in the continuous re-assessment of its aims and objectives.
  2. To develop a curriculum that is flexible, relevant, meaningful and responsive to the needs and interests of our students and graduates.
  3. To recognize and encourage talent of all kinds and of all degrees and to endeavour to stretch the intellectual capacity of each student.
  4. To develop within each student, a self-awareness that is not satisfied with mediocrity, that accepts change, and strives continually for excellence.
  5. To encourage the spirit of enquiry, the ability to choose, to articulate, and exercise individual judgment in problem solving and decision making.
  6. To develop students’ critical thinking skills, initiative, self-reliance, self-confidence and self-control.
  7. To foster civic consciousness, loyalty and pride in Jamaica and to encourage habits of industry, responsibility and a concern for the community.
  8. To foster cultural and aesthetic values and to promote the wise use of leisure.

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