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CXC CSEC Examination FACTS and FAQS

cxcEvery year, students of The Queen’s School are prepared by our hard – working teachers to sit the Caribbean Examination Council’s CSEC and CAPE examinations. This page will seek to give general information regarding the examination but further information may be obtained on their website at cxc.org. The website also provide useful links by which students can download syllabuses for their specific subjects.

Benefits of the SBA and IA

The SBA is beneficial to both students and teachers as it

  • provides many opportunities for teachers to organise the learning activities of selected sections of the curriculum to meet the individual needs;
  • (ii) indicates to both teachers and students the next steps to be taken for students to achieve the objectives set out in the syllabus;
  • contributes to both the development of relevant skills and the testing and rewarding of students;
  • enhances the validity of the examination on which candidate performance is reported, as it provides opportunities for the teacher in the classroom to assess, skills such as, exploration, investigation and planning, which cannot be adequately measured externally or by means of written tests.

CAPE Resit Candidates 

A candidate who re-writes the examination in the same Unit within two years may re-use the moderated IA score earned in the previous sitting within the preceding two years.  Candidates are no longer required to earn a moderated score that is at least 50% of the maximum possible score; any moderated score may be re-used.  Candidates re-using the IA scores in this way must register as Re-sit candidates and provide the previous candidate number.

In order to assist candidates in making decisions about whether or not to reuse a moderated IA score, the Council will continue to indicate on the pre-slip if a candidate’s moderated IA score is less than 50% in a particular Unit.

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Links to CSEC Syllabuses:
Fourth and Fifth Form:
Additional Mathematics English Literature Human & Social Biology Religious Education
Agricultural Science Food & Nutrition Information Technology Social Studies
Biology French Mathematics Spanish
Chemistry Geography Physics Visual Art
Clothing & Textiles History Principles of Accounts  English Language
Economics Home Economics Management Principles of Business


Sixth Form
Accounting Economics Literatures in English 
Biology Geography Management of Business
Caribbean Studies Sociology   Pure Mathematics 
Chemistry  History Physics 
Communication Studies Information Technology  Tourism


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