The Health Unit caters to the medical needs of the entire school community (teachers, administrative staff and ancillary staff and the students). The school nurses also have numerous contacts with families and canteen staff. It is for treating students who:

  • Have injured themselves while at school.
  • Are showing signs of an illness which has developed at school.
  • Want to talk about any medical issue they may be having.

The unit is staffed by a Registered Nurse/Midwife and a Practical Nurse during the hours of 8 am and 4 pm.

Each student MUST fill out a health record on entering the school as required by the Ministry of Education. Her immunization card MUST also be submitted on admission.

It is best for your child to remain at home if they are unwell in the morning. However, if they become ill while at school, they will be attended to by the Nurse. Parents / guardians will be notified to arrange transport home. It is vital that contact details are up to date.

If your daughter / ward requires regular medication, parents / guardians need to send the medication to school, clearly labelled.

Students are NOT PERMITTED to CONTACT their parents / guardians via cell phones OR leave the school without permission.