Years of meaningful studies, rewarding experiences and lifetime friendships end each year as we help our ladies close this chapter of their lives in fine style. It’s customary that the graduation ceremony take place each year on the school’s holy ground. The graduation ceremony is a showcase of our students culminating their high school life and a the beginning of a new chapter. On graduating from The Queen’s School, one may receive a Diploma or a School-Leaving Certificate.

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Our girls are encouraged to conduct themselves in the most lady – like manner so that on graduation day we may present them as our students in whom we are well pleased.


On graduating from The Queen’s School a student may receive a Diploma or a School-Leaving Certificate.

To obtain a Diploma a student must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Passing averages for 4th and 5th
  1. Submission of ALL School-Based Assessments (SBAs).
  1. Financial clearance (issued by the Bursary) by the last working day in October of the academic year.
  1. Clearance by the school’s library, i.e., outstanding books returned and late fees paid.
  1. A minimum of 80% attendance and punctuality to school and classes.
  1. Fulfilment of the required Community Service at an approved entity.
  1. Good record of conduct and deportment.
  1. Compulsory membership in a club or society.
  1. All rental books returned to the Book Room wrapped and in good condition by the end of the external examination period.
  1. Return of school property (such as club uniforms, training gear, etc.) by the end of April of the academic year.

A School-Leaving Certificate is given to those students who have completed the course of study, but who do not satisfy the criteria for a Diploma.