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Welcome to the official website of Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, The Queen’s School. The Queen’s School located just out of the buzz and excitement of Half – Way – Tree sits on the beautiful Camperdown property on 4 – 10 Central Avenue.

The All – Girls Anglican School began its operation in 1954 with fifty-one students, four forms and four teachers situated on the first floor of the old Doric Hotel building. Who would’ve known that fifty – one would’ve multiplied into over 1, 600 in just over 60 years.

The school was named The Queen’s School in honor of the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  after her coronation 1953. The school

The Queen’s School is without a doubt the # 1 all girls school in the island as we continue to excel in academics, co – curricular activities and sports. Read more …

Queens Flourishing

Things to note:

The 2016 End of Year Examinations Timetable is now available. Click here.
The May 2016 edition of The Queenlet is now available. Get it here.

“May she flourish in virtue and wisdom.”