Sixth Form Application

The Queen's School Sixth Form apply-now

Four Easy Steps for Application to Sixth Form at The Queen’s School for the 2022 / 23 academic year.

  1. Download the Application form specific to the year group you are applying for: Lower-Sixth-form-6B-Application-Form-2022-2023.docx, Upper-Sixth-Application-Form-2022-2023.doc 
  2. Complete the Application Form and attach any supporting documents.
  3. Pay a processing fee of JMD $2,000.00 (Applications from June 30 – July 29) or a fee of JMD $2,500.00 (Applications received after July 29, 2022). These fees are payable at the bursary.
  4. Write the receipt number or attach the receipt to the form and leave it at the front desk.


Criteria for Applying to the Sixth Form Programme at The Queen’s School

1. A minimum of six (6) CSEC subjects with Grades I and II for persons applying for Grade 12; and passes in Communication Studies and at least two (2) other CAPE subjects for students applying for Grade 13.

2. Attended secondary school within the last two years.

3. Good school record of attendance, punctuality, deportment, attitude and conduct.

4. Submission of ALL School-Based Assessments (SBAs) and attendance at all external examinations.

5. Financial clearance by the Bursary.

6. Clearance by the Library, Book Room, and Clubs/Societies, i.e., the return of all school property and the payment of outstanding fees.

Additional Requirements For Non-Queen’s School Graduate

The Queen’s School Character Reference Document which should be completed, signed and stamped by the Principal, Dean of Discipline or Guidance Counsellor of your previous school.

Early bird application period runs from June 30 – July 29, 2022.

Pre-Acceptance calls will be made after early bird application closes.  You will only be called if you do not need to do an interview. Otherwise, you will be invited to an interview at a later date.


Please note that acceptance prior to receiving results is provisional and if you do not pass the required subjects at the required standard as stipulated in the above criteria, the acceptance becomes null and void.

If you are not called it means you will be required to do an interview in September after the CXC (CSEC and CAPE) results become available.


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