THE QUEEN’S SCHOOL library’s Statement of Purpose

The Library’s goal is to meet the information needs of its patrons in carrying out the educational functions of the school. The library strives to achieve this through the acquisition and management of materials relevant to the needs of the students and faculty in a variety of formats.  This purpose is accomplished by:

  1. Providing timely access to requested materials
  2. Simplifying search/discovery of library resources
  3. Building and maintaining a Digital Library infrastructure
  4. Building the information literacy/library instruction program
  5. Increasing the visibility of the library through outreach and marketing efforts
  6. Undertaking  systematic  reviews  of  services  designed  both  to  adapt  to  changes  in  technology  and  to  improve  quality  of  service  delivered
Access and Use

The holdings of the library are intended for use by students and staff of the institution. In order to use the library’s facilities, a valid Student ID may be required. In addition, students will also need to present a pass during class times.

Hours of Operation

The library opening hours are:

Monday-Friday            8:00 a.m. – 4:00p.m


It is the library’s goal to provide an accurate and expeditious process for circulating

materials. Students, faculty and staff, may borrow books for specified loan periods. Periodicals remain in the library. This assures maximum information access for all patrons.


Loan Periods and Returns

Patrons who borrow materials from THE QUEEN’S SCHOOL Library are granted the following loan periods:

Borrower Category
Loan Period
Renewal Periods
Staff 14 days 14 days
Student 7 days 7 days



Materials borrowed from THE QUEEN’S SCHOOL Library are subject to the following overdue fines:

Material/Service Fine
General Collection $10.00* per day
Rare/Reserve books collection $100*
Lost books Replacement cost charged.
Photocopy $10.00* per page
Black and white Printing $10.00* per page
Colour Printing
Past papers $10.00 per page

*These prices are subject to change

Fines are payable at the Library.


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