Sixth Form

Welcome to Sixth Form at The Queen’s School

It is indeed a pleasure to know that you have an interest in our Sixth Form Programme,  so  we welcome you to browse and appreciate the  opportunities  available to you  at The Queen’s School, which will undoubtedly prepare you for  further tertiary level studies.

We would like every young lady who passes through our walls to be equipped with the tools to make a meaningful contribution to our school community and the world at large, and all our competent teachers are fully prepared to work with you to achieve same.  We are also proud of our legacy and we are confident that should you become a part of our sixth form cohort, you will contribute to maintaining the climate of excellence that we have enjoyed thus far.

Congratulations on your success in your CSEC Examinations and we do hope that we will be able to provide a rewarding experience for you should you make the choice to pursue your desired CAPE subjects at our institution.

As you continue to explore our page, we trust that you will find all you need to assist you with making your decision to join our family.

Admission Requirements

To qualify for sixth form students must have acquired at least six (6) CSEC subjects with passes of grades I-II and would have been an active member of a club or society for more than a year.  The six subjects must be inclusive of Mathematics and English A as well as those subjects which would be required for the proposed area of study. An excellent record of conduct and aptitude will determine the student’s acceptance into sixth form.

Our sixth form uniform is a grey polyester skirt made according to specifications given, white blouse and scarlet tie.  Sixth formers are expected to adhere to the school’s uniform code to maintain a place in the programme.

Additional Requirements For Non-Queen’s School Graduate

The Queen’s School Character Reference Document which should be completed, signed and stamped by the Principal, Dean of Discipline or Guidance Counsellor of your previous school.

A certified copy of your birth certificate.