Untitled-1RenWeb at The Queen’s School


Message from Renweb Administrator

In this technological age, the only way to achieve optimal results is by embracing the technology and using it to one’s advantage. Renweb affords us the opportunity to do just that! It allows speedy and direct communication between the school and the parents and it allows parents real time access to students’ academic and behavior records. Through Renweb, parents can also login and view homework which has been given to students and keep abreast of the activities that are taking place at the school!

It’s very easy. First you need to ensure that your email address is entered on our system here at the school. Secondly, you can set up your own ParentsWeb account using the simple instructions below.



  1. Log in to Renweb
  2. District Code is TQ-JAM
  3. Username is the email address submitted to the school
  4. Scroll down to Create New Parents Web Account
  5. Go to your email account where you will see an email message from Renweb
    (You must access this message within 30 minutes)
  6. Follow the Instructions

Once you have successfully set up your ParentsWeb account you can follow these easy steps to keep up to date on your child’s progress and the happenings in the School.

  1. Log in to Renweb at (The District Code is TQ-JAM)
  2. Enter your username and the password you have set up
  3. Click School Information to access calendar dates, newsletters, the Student’s Handbook, etc
  4. Click Student Information to access grades, homework, behavior record and report card.
    Click on any of the options to see the information you require.
  5. Click Family Information to view the information that we have on the system for you and to edit your username and password if necessary.

We encourage you to partner with us and embrace the use of this medium to help ensure that excellence remains the standard, here at The Queen’s School. If you need any assistance, or have questions, suggestions or comments please email us at

Best regards

T. Morrison Reid (Mrs)
Renweb Administrator